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"I am 44 years old with 3 sons. I lost 77 lbs. with Weigh To Go. Now I look and feel beautiful! Thanks Weigh To Go!"

Well, growing up in New Orleans LA, I loved the traditional living that New Orleans had to offer; the fun, the food, and the jazz music. Living in the Big Easy all my life, it was easy to gain weight. Having all ways been a full figured woman, I just assumed that this is who God made me and should have been happy with who I was. But I guess after three sons and a marriage I still felt like okay, well, be happy with how God made you. But looking in the mirror each day I just could not believe God wanted me to be this large.

So I began to pray and search deep inside myself. Remembering the word of God saying that I could do all things through Christ that strengthen me. I took this word and began to apply it to my weight loss. At the time of the Katrina Hurricane, I hit a whopping 281 lbs. This depressed me even more and I felt no hope of ever changing. The loss of my home, business and the misplaced family members added even more stress to my weight gain. By this time I relocated to Florida and still the weight would not leave. I started eating salad, grilled chicken, and started excercising. I thought this would work, but I gave up. Then we relocated here to the state of Tennessee. Here I began walking and eating right. I discovered while walking, the Weigh To Go Weight Loss Center. This was the best thing I ever did for myself. With the help of God I began this program. I spoke to my husband and he was very supportive of the idea. He was the first one to invest in my weight loss. Using the program with the excercise changed my whole life. I have so far lost a total of 77 lbs. I have 4 more lbs. to go. Thank you Weigh To Go. I know God sent me there.

Love Marsheal, Thank you Dr. Mark for helping women like me!!!"


"Mark, again, I want to thank you for your program at "Weigh To Go" Weight Loss Centers, Inc., also for you and your staff's incredible support. Your attitute and your staff always made me feel special and I truly believe you care about me. As I stated before, your concern was not about growing your business. My personal success is important to you!

You see, I have been dieting all my life. If I didn't diet, the weight gain would start immediately. About two years ago, I decided I would no longer care about that. It was just too much trouble. Since I was getting older, age 58 at that time, I would just enjoy my food and be content with myself. Well, that was a big mistake. I grew to a plump 198 lbs. ( height 5.2) My body didn't know the meaning of metabolism.

The first time you saw me, you ask me if I had thought about how many lbs. I wanted to lose. I thought 20 lbs would be great. After all, now at age 60, I want to be realistic. I knew I would never be "small". When those 20 lbs came off in a few weeks, I told you I decided I could lose 50 lbs total. With my metabolism working again, I understood the process. So, within 5 months, I was a new woman.

Now I am approximately 60 lbs smaller and very proud of myself. Most of all I am very grateful for you and the staff that continues to support me. Today, I am a different person. I plan to stay in check for the rest of my life. If I need help from my friends, I know where you are located! I will continue to visit you regularly. You can never have too many friends to support and cheer you on!

Thank you and God bless you in all you do!

Mary Goodson

I decided that I would go to a place called “Weigh To Go” because my legs hurt due to a car accident years ago and try and lose weight so my arthritis would feel better.

Dr. Mark reviewed my history and talked with me and told me about a shot called Myoden. He said that it may help manage my weight loss more effectively and also help with my hurting legs. Of course I didn’t believe him!!! I had took everything for the pain in my legs since 1992. Within 2 hours, I noticed my legs were not hurting anymore and 2 days later I was climbing back on my motorcycle without any problems as well as running and exercising. Man, it felt good!!!

I recommend from my experience with Myoden that Dr. Mark has the right product to help you with any problem you might have. Give Myoden a chance and the “Weigh To Go” company will help you achieve your goals in losing weight along with managing your other problems.


Thank you and God bless you in all you do!


Our weight loss clinics in East Tennessee provide a proven approach to weight loss and weight management. Our staff at our weight loss centers will get to know each of our patients on a personal level. Because every patient is unique with physical and emotional needs, we will help you identify your personal weight control challenges, set realistic goals, and help you shed the pounds in a very fast, healthy way. We look forward to helping you and seeing you happy with your achievements!



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